What if your phone arrived like this?! - OnePlus 9 Pro Teardown!

Objavljeno 6. apr. 2021
Its time to take apart the new OnePlus 9 Pro. What would you do if your phone arrived all taken apart? Check out the new OnePlus 9 Pro HERE: www.oneplus.com/9-pro Thanks to OnePlus for sponsoring this challenge. The new OnePlus 9 Pro 5G has new Hasselblad tuned cameras inside. Today we are going to see what those cameras look like from the inside.

OnePlus 9 Pro Durability test is here: slcd.info/drink/video/nI530JGqzpa9y4g

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  • Main question: does the fingerprint scanner have OIS?🤣🤣


  • "Honestly I think OnePlus should ship everyone's phone like this" haha *no*

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  • I love how you hid the QR code in dbrands case.

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  • Legend's say the designer of One plus 9 pro was never found!

  • You are "THE BEST"

  • The part is the cover above the flex cable and it's screw

  • Less of a teardown more of a assemble

  • 7:31 magic guys

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  • Hi Jerry, Please do a teardown of OnePlus 9r. I think it's just available in India as of now.

  • See they skipped the IR camera

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  • 2:47 Mission failed successfully

  • Him sees the instructions: Also him nah i got this

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  • Apple: noooo don't look inside our phones One plus: not assembled phone goes brrrrr

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  • It may make good toilet reading to read the instructions Jerry

  • "They sent it like this as a funny joke haha" *ten seconds later* "also it's actually an orchestrated challenge which they're sponsoring"

  • Paid video 👎

  • This part is for battery connector

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  • I watched the video in reverse, it was a normal teardown

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  • While Oneplus sends him a disassembled phone. Apple is malding at him for opening up their phones.

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  • Kuddos to one plus. Seems easy enough to swap out parts should it become necessary in future. Please support right to repair movement by Louis Rossmann. This could give one plus a leg up over competitors. Cheers

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