The Worlds Most 'Professional' Phone? - Durability Test!

Objavljeno 4. mar. 2021
Its time to durability test the Sony Xperia Pro! Grab your 2 super long USB C cables from Anker HERE: (Just $14.99!) 'Professional' smartphones are a dime a dozen. Every brand has their own version of the 'Pro' phone. Usually it just means that the phone has the highest specs the brand can offer. But Sony is doing things a little different with the Xperia Pro. Its actually got features that are useful to a professional. Imagine that. Its a tool. A rugged smartphone, thats a tool. Kinda fun. Today we are going to durability test the Sony Xperia Pro, to see what kind of life and abuse it can hold up to. This probably is the best phone for live streaming.

Get my razor knife here!

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  • It's only money. Bill Gates hobby is testing his computers with a razor knife.

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  • Sony just stopped making DSLR cameras, this is for their Mirrorless cameras, which were so successful that they forced Nikon and Canon to drag themselves away from DSLRs and to Mirrorless. Sony's last DSLR the A99II was a hybrid camera with a semi transparent mirror and and a OLED viewfinder making it a DSLT with no pentaprism like a true SLR. Sony made cameras for a while and were mostly a Cine camera company before their takeover of Minolta but it was their takeover of Minolta at the time when they were merged with Konica that they really took off with their serious ILC cameras that weren't Cine cameras. Minolta was a longtime camera maker with many innovations over the years and made some if the best 35mm film cameras ever.

  • That is what I like about Xperias, the camera doesn't protrude on most of the ones I have seen. I wonder if Apple would ever notice that? Oddly enough their image sensors were made by Sony and probably still are!

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