The coolest phone I've ever broken - Legion Duel Phone 2

Objavljeno 8. apr. 2021
Gaming phones are some of the coolest phones ever. This Legion Duel Phone 2 is definitely one of the coolest. Literally... with its two fans. Its pretty cool. Inside and outside. But is it durable? The Legion duel phone 2 is heavy, but its also oddly shaped... The only way to find out for sure is with a durability test. Remember, durability is not the only factor to consider when picking out your next phone. A good case will solve all structural issues.

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  • Heavy thicc and long... JerryRigEverything - 2021

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    • There are tiny dust particles that scratch your phone thats why its almost impossible to maintain a scratch free surface on glass so its important to know which level the phone scratches at

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