How to build a Tesla in your Garage!! - Electric SuperCar

Objavljeno 25. feb. 2021
Talk about an ambitious quarantine hobby! Check out the Electric SuperCar channel here: (Tell him 'Jerry' says hi) Anyone can drive a Tesla... but not everyone can BUILD a Tesla. Assembling your own electric supercar out of random components is impressive. Even more so when it can accelerate 0-60 in 2.3 seconds. Using a Tesla motor, and LG Chem batteries this supercar is something you have to see to believe.

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  • That thing would be a lot more efficient if it had a smaller wheel/tire set up

  • Doing burnouts in the church parking lot eh??

  • How to make this legal for the roads?

  • What is the dc convertor for, you have a 400vdc system, and a 12vdc system separate? I understand the inverter for AC to DC.

  • He claims, " ...pretty normal guy" (Totally super exceptional Guy doesn't get out much it seems ) HAVE YOU SEEN "NORMAL" PEOPLE LATELY !?!?!?!?

  • Great!!!

  • Was it a problem getting the Tesla motor I’ve been trying to purchase one and they will not sell me one

  • man this guy went from Jerryrigging phones to Jerryrigging an entire car

  • This video made a die hard oil burning American muscle engine loving guy like me, have a LOT more respect for electric cars

  • Accrosst I hate that sorry never know there people are getting the t from

  • awesome

  • Could you please let us know what controller's would be suitable to use with a Tesla motor?

  • Can I have phone number of that guy

  • @elonmusk Hey, any thoughts about the "No Paint color" for the next under 30k Euros (TESL∀) car ? Here in Europe parking places are tight, please helps us to save paint chip repairs for the future ! Folded handsFolded handsFolded handsFolded handsFolded handsFolded handsFolded handsFolded handsFolded handsFolded hands Ps: Fullmetal Alchemist, stainless steel alloy !? xD

  • Black

  • Its easy to control the traction ... Some mistakes makes the vehicle out of control while use whole energy of moter... You just move some weight to the back from frunt , like some battery's move on the back of the vehicle... In the friction increases and lod on frunt decreases... And automatically traction will be controled easly...

  • Insane, he built this during Covid - LOVE IT! I guess he does not work in the meantime, cause that is for SURE more than a 12-18 month build on "spare hours". If it was a "weekend build" - I dunno what to say - I wanna hire this guy as a consultant to build ANYTHING - hell I wanna employ him life time :D Me during covid, rebuilt my GOTWAY TESLA + more SLcd movies and beer and no more gym :-( ...gave me nothing afterwards but a belly and feeling of being lazy, but I far :D

  • All you need is some financial backing right.

  • three words, lovely lovely lovely, F.1 stickey tires and a massive hoover on the underside to keep it clamped to the road, questoin how much was the controller for the drive? or will i regret asking!!?

  • white with some black on little parts (wheels and other small parts...)

  • The title should be "How I built Tesla in my garage, but you can't"

  • "During quarantine, some sit and scroll on their phone some baked bread, but this guy built an entire electric car." I was TRYING ok! Don't have to make fun of me.

  • The smile on my face would make the Joker look like he's frowning. :)

  • Im gonna take a quote from my man Tony stark and say "hotrod red"

  • Just love Jerry ❤️ to promote qurentien

  • Cover it up and its worth a million

  • But does it scratch at a level six with deeper groves at a level seven?

  • Just dont do a hammond

  • Paint it a light shade of Green.

  • Electricity is everywhere. The earth’s electrical field has been known for centuries. Lightning and St. Elmo’s fire are the most dramatic manifestations of atmospheric electricity. But the field doesn’t exist just in the vicinity of these events; it’s everywhere. The earth is an electrical conductor. So is the ionosphere, the layer of ionized gas about 70 kilometers over our heads. The air between is a rather poor insulator. Some mechanism not yet explained constantly pumps large quantities of charged particles into the air. The charged particles cause an electrical field. Although it varies widely, strength of the field averages 120v per meter. You can measure this voltage with an earth-field antenna-a wire with a sharp point at the top to start a corona discharge, or with a bit of radioactive material that ionizes the air in its immediate vicinity. Near the earth, voltage is proportional to altitude; on an average day you might measure 1,200 volts with a 10-meter antenna. Dr. Oleg Jefimenko invented an earth-field-antennae connected to an advanced corona discharge electrostatic motor which can convert the energy of the earth’s electrical field into continuous mechanical motion. Wouldn’t it be fun if there was a Tesla car that runs on charges similar to those that make your hair stand on end when you comb it on a cold winter’s day?

  • yellow and davy jones nice

  • your friend is handsome 😁👍

  • Oxford directory should add word Tesla with meaning as Electric Car

  • It's looks like the the ramp car from Fast and furious series !!

  • It gonna do slower when it have body kit Air force gonna slow it down alot

  • My dream 😍😍😍.

  • As we learned from the mythbusters, duck tape is versatile!!

  • sweet!...but xf motorsports' e55 asl project is sweeter imo, even though it's not electric (mercedes amg e55 block, diy _everything_ else).

  • after he builds and everything is set. what he needs is downforce in the frame.

  • Lol

  • How to build a tesla in your garage: get a tesla and get parts from it so you can build yours...

  • He could turn it into a batmobile

  • Red color very cool 😎

  • Straight down to the chapel hahaha

  • The term Supercar is overused.

  • Can you still get those batteries?

  • I know this guy and i follow that project from the scratch. Impressive job!!!

  • Stupid video,no real technical details.

  • "Electric Vehicle"

  • Jery kachal love you 😅

  • Ngl I fell like making one now

  • maybe if he could get some racing slicks.... would he have traction

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  • That 0-60 is very incorrect. Engineering Explained goes into detail about this. The fact that the tires are spinning and it's so cold out gives it away immediately that it's wrong. It's simply not possible on street tires in the cold. It looks like the monitor is probably reading wheel speed and the wheels aren't getting traction.

  • Recipe to make a Tesla: Ingredients - fast electric motor - panel gap, rattle trap cabin - extreme overpricing - overhyping carnival barker (Elon Musk) . Combine ingredients and bilk as many rubes out of as much cash as possible. Enjoy!

  • I really appreciate that you (almost) always convert USA units to metric

  • needs a calculator for 40 x 12...LOL

  • How much did it cost to build?

  • Collab with Rich Rebuilds pls!

  • 0 °C with Capital C

  • Add another battery pack behind the motor, extend the body

  • He'd Looks LIKE A Hitman!

  • It's legal to use that car on public road? Asking because in Romania you go to jail for this.

  • Which is cheaper also cargospace? Does cargospace or cargoroad

  • Ah yes no mask 😇

  • How long will it take to adapt to the rig for your wife😇

  • The only thing I would have done was weld a plate in the back place all twelve batteries to add more weight to the back. Also, that would give you more steering wheel space and leg room. By doing that you would shorten the wiring. you could also add a panel to distribute all the other electrical components.

  • Rare footage of Agent 47 fixing Bomb in Car !!

  • Please give me a phone 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • BLUE

  • Technical Guruji:- chaliye shuru karte hai Jerryrigeverything:- Lets get started👍

  • why arent cars running on solar power?

  • When did Tony Hawk start building cars?

  • Electric blue colour 😏😏😏

  • Great Stuff, don't give up now

  • Is it'n this a K1 Attack kit Car?... 🤔

  • How to get a wireless car

  • metalic color

  • Show me the back of ur head agent 47

  • Its like a oversized RC car

  • I want one!

  • Sooooo E-Racing is gonna be the future?

  • A “normal” guy makes a Tesla in his garage.... I can’t even put my lawn mower back together🤣🤣

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  • jerry 8 months later “Heres how to make a M1A1 Abrams in your garage weighing 63 short tons firing M256A1 and being protected by composite armour with a Engine Honeywell AGT1500C multi-fuel turbine engine 1,500 shp (1,120 kW)

  • So crazy this is very cool

  • Do not underestimate the power of duck tapes.

  • He should get get a vader car kit

  • Did Lincoln learn to drive in this parking lot? @whatsinside

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  • That's one clean garage

  • It would be quite interesting if Zack could make a visit to Rimac automobili and have a talk with Mate. Maybe even trying out the concept_two prototype 😁

  • Reminds me of Mr Bean episode and how he takes away his steering wheel after parking.

  • What parts of the car can you not touch when it rains?

  • panel gaps look about the same

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  • "Big electric RC car" :D

  • Your title is misleading.

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  • It isn’t a Tesla, it’s just an awesome electric car