How strong is a CARBON FIBER smartphone?! - Durability Test!

Objavljeno 8. jun. 2021
We've never seen a phone like this! Go to , click the microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in jerryrig to get your free scale! Huge thanks to for sponsoring this video. We have seem smartphones made from Metal, Glass, Plastic, but never carbon fiber! Its time to see how this carbon fiber smartphone from Carbon Mobile stands up to a durability test. Is carbon fiber more durable than plastic?

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  • What if it was carbon wrap only.

  • Carbon, sure, carbon fibre? No... At it's cost, I'd sooner take a phone with sapphire glass front and back, that way it's scratch resistant and durable, with an alloy frame (if price wasnt a problem, I'd go titanium with support ribs to keep it strong). Carbon fiber is a gimmick when it's in a thin layer, it requires a shape and thickness comparable to the single strain type it will be taking, which is why it's great for car parts, because it's only expected strain is tension or a crash. I dont think it has a place in the smartphone world except maybe for a dBrand skin made from real Carbon fiber... Unpolished matte finish please...

  • .

  • 8:50 much enjoyable 😆😆

  • Carbon lodi

  • l would like someone to build a phone with transparent aluminum and carbon metal and titanium or bananas and mangoes.

  • For someone with your experience in cellphone durability, Id be surprised if no one has reached out to you during their design phase to prevent a severe roasting on your channel. Maybe they don’t care but Id swear you’re an expert by now.

  • legendary words: "scratches at a level 6 with deeper groves at a level 7"

  • 2021's top of the line smartphones are bending sooo easily ... I remember the scandal that made the iphone 6 when it bent easy ... Now 4 smartphones were completly destroyed

  • scratch at level 4?

  • Fun Fact: earth was flat, all the land connected. Then jerry came and performed all his tests... bend test: "some major permanent flex but the surface is intact.(the earth became spherical)" scratch test: "scratches at a level 6(all the canyons) and deeper grooves at level 7(continents were made)" flame test: "Permanent burn mark(The Sun)"

    • Still pretty heavy..! I checked my phone, 83 grams!

  • I'm still waiting to Red Magic 6

  • When your a car guy but like phones you will understand if you like jdm

  • Zack: Carbon Fiber turns me on. Carbon Mobile: It turns me off.

  • Apple: laughs in glass Zach: the touch sensor doesn’t work that well but I did lightly scratch it with my razor Me: laughs in Face ID

  • $800 garbage...I'd buy this phone for $80

  • Carbon Lodii

  • It's carbon destruction

  • Exact packaging as the OnePlus One.

  • Hey Jerry, Where did u sell ur destroyed phone? I mean which are just scratched by you.. We can make A deal.

  • Have you ever realized that maybe you're just too strong for the phones??

  • Carbon fibre mobile: I am unique ,I am stylish and I should be given special treatment.. Guy busts in with a blade: Carbon fibre mobile:😳😳

  • Seems too weak

  • Bro make video on iqoo z3 please 🙏

  • I still don't know why Mr clean ads doesn't contact you bro..? Sorry, had to.

  • Still pretty heavy..! I checked my phone, 83 grams!

  • legendary words: "scratches at a level 6 with deeper groves at a level 7"

  • пластик галимый, вы верите это карбон? на заборе тоже много пишут... китайчатина галимая за 10 баксов!

  • They need to do more layers with the fibers different directions, creates ALOT more strength.

  • Loved the video. Perfect lighting also impressive.

  • knifes in the post what?!

  • Teacher:What is glass? Zack:Scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7

  • Send me that cell phone bro don't smashed that

  • Carbon lodiii!

  • Certainly a very interesting idea that I'd like to see on more phones. Although, in my opinion the polish on the outside makes it look a bit "cheap," a more matte/unfinished surface would look nice and have some texture to it. Another idea is to use marbled CF which would really bring it to the next level.

    • the etire phone is a marketing scam

  • I guess these videos should be called "JerryDestroysPhones".

  • Carbon lodi

  • Wow, that's the first time in awhile that I've seen a phone literally break in half and for that reason I would have to say no thanks.

  • "i hope no one is sitting on their phone vertically" - jerry woah bit sus here are we/

  • Why Do they Send him Phones When They Know that He's Gonna Kill it😏

  • That sound of cracking made me sad 😭

  • Dang that thing snapped almost as bad as the next bit robin.

  • 7:50 haha

  • he looks like Agent 47

  • About as durable as a wet paper bag !

  • Its not heavy such an amazing phone

  • “Side hustle” 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Why are you bald ?

  • Take a shot everytime he says carbon fibre

  • the etire phone is a marketing scam

  • if youre wondering just how strong a carbon fiber can be... some roadbike frames can be light as half a kilogram and can still be perfectly ridable

  • 100% Carbon Fibre... I don't think so! this company should rethink their marketing strategy imo

  • Why does this guy seem like the type of guy to dismantle your body parts in his basement while keeping this calm attire and attitude the entire time and explaining it to the camera?

  • " accidentally abused" hun.... interesting choice of words coming from you. I wonder how many phones died in your tiranious hands?

  • This carbon fiber looks cheaply made, this phone doesn't do the material they used some justice.

  • Mark 2?? Oh no....

  • Rubbish

  • That humiliation

  • Well done) Nice phone, was)

  • Soooo.. wasnt the whole point of this phone to be durable? ... 😂

  • Press F for the phone. F

  • wow....His phone is flayed without the back panel, with the back panel and even with the back case

  • This very light and very thin But its design is beautiful

  • It looks like iron, but plastic is soft and vulnerable😐😐😐🤨🤨🤨🤨🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Carbon mobile is just sound good but it is crap

  • If only 6000 pounds of belly fats then direct sit vertically 😂

  • Picks up a human and starts bending it AI Robot: It seems like the human did not officially pass my durability test

    • @Abbas Bhaijibhai no, a phone is a hand-held computer. Computers aren't robots. You need to check out what the definition of a robot is

    • @Alejandro Pérez a phone is a robot with no legs

    • @Ashvini Kothekar No, it's not.

    • @Alejandro Pérez it's just a joke

    • Huh? This is a phone not a robot

  • There was a small scratch on lvl 4

  • He snapped, and BOOM, there's an add

  • Terrible phone $800 or £567 for that crap 😂

  • carbon lodiiii

  • 8:59 the way he flings the metal away 🤣🤣

  • this phone is wayy to expensive for what it offers. for 800$ i would get pretty much any phone from an actual trusted company not this weird nee start up. and plus the stuff it offers doesnt seem that great. simply an iphone 11 which now is cheaper than this is more worth the money imo.

  • Man did this company pay him

  • I am just jealous of the say “ok Google” cause I use huawei and I can’t get a chance to use google.

  • Carbon lodi

  • if this was my phone, it would be dead in a month or less

  • when he brakes a phone he brakes my heart dang Jerry with that scratching all over the phone

  • carbon lodi!!!

  • Who would spend $800 bucks on this junk

  • When u want to become doctor

  • Jerry on 144p looks likes he is a drug addict

  • My bicycle frame is monocoque carbon!

  • Yeah this phone is no good for $800.. after this Jerry durability test hell no! 300 most I would pay

  • im still waiting on my knife i ordered a couple months back

  • Top tier ASMR

    • I am pretty sure that he's a full time cold blooded killer and enjoying his free time by doing these.

  • Jerry put this company out of business in 10 mins and 35 seconds.

  • $800 for trash fiber ig

  • I hope we will see more vidoes like this old style videos over this summer🌞

  • That crunched Totality

  • FakeFateFace LoL

  • Why is this a phone in 2021?

  • Your eyes...

  • The way the phone almost instantly broke when bending from the back is yikes. Won't survive long in average person's hands.

    • probably just like every other plastic phone, this one is lighter but just as weak.

  • Its looks like my old Razer Phone. 😂



  • Anyone else thrown off by the dead camera sensor pixel?

  • But does it have airplane mode

  • I am pretty sure that he's a full time cold blooded killer and enjoying his free time by doing these.