How quiet is a 100% Electric lawn mower?! - How to Plant Fruit Trees!

Objavljeno 26. maj. 2021
The future of lawn care is here with the new 100% Electric Riding Lawn Mower from Cub Cadet: Huge thanks to Cub Cadet for sponsoring this video and sending me the XT1 LT42E lawn tractor to help me mow and prepare my yard to get my fruit trees planted! This mower is powered by a lithium ion battery and is insanely quiet. We’ve wanted to plant fruit trees on our property for some time, so getting the yard in check was the first step.

When it comes to the future orchard, it’s pretty cool that different kinds of fruits can be spliced into one single tree. Grafting different fruit trees together helps save space, and helps spread out the harvest over a longer period of time. What fruits would you like to see on the same tree? And what do you think about the all-electric mower? Let me know down in the comments.

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  • Yeah, but how fast does it go?

  • 4 years is the bigest cap ever, me and my mom bought trees from home depot (fig and Peaches) about a year and a half ago, this summer the peaches grew over 6 feet tall and it grew multiple ripe peaches and it was soo good

  • it a riding lawn mower not a yard tractor

  • Why did you plant them in middle of your yard and not on the edges?

  • Your grass looks good. You need to cut at around 3.5 - 4 inches so it doesn't stress in the summer

  • Yeah they kill needs to start blogging yeah he did like the perfect view their Hooley

  • believe me i have learned today that one tree can give different fruits at once

  • Pluits are soooooooo good

  • Make a second chanal which is related to this kind of stuff

  • can't wait to see a Tesla's version of this mower.

  • I have The Ryobi version of this and absolutely love it. Handles my whole 2.5 acre yard and always have a full tank of "gas" when I mow. I also have the electric weed eater, blower, hedge trimmer, etc... from Ryobi. Lots of bright green in the garage. LOL. But Love never having to deal with gas.

  • He's really nice

  • How big is your estate, goddamn. Wish I lived in such countries.

    • Nevermind the size of the estate, look at that beautiful LAWN. no dead spots, no crabgrass, cut down tight TIGHT TIGHT. Wish I had my life together like him wtf

  • its the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • When is the best time to plant a tree? 10 years ago..... When is the second best time to plant a tree? Today.

  • Check your American, white privilege

  • See you in 4 years

  • What is happen to her leg by the way

  • Rather franken 1 base to lotta stem, my moms made 1 stem but 4 base and roots. Example: 1 man has to feed 2 or 4 kids? That is gonna troublesome and takes more time to feed it in same time But If you reverse the logic, 4 man has to feed 1 kid, the kid will me abundant with foods, energy, nutritions, grow bit faster and rich of nutritions Thats why my mom made 1 tree with 4 stems base. Every fruits came from it, insanely delicious.

  • 6:56 Sounds like a TU-95 bomber.

  • I love it when cambry is in the videos. It makes the videos more fun to watch

  • JerryRigEverything A Fruit Salad Tree is new one!

  • It would be a crime not to make a video in 4 years and showcase that damn fruit salad !!! 😁

  • I believe the EGO Z6 ZTR is also a REALLY good option but that is a zero turn mower and not a tractor.

  • I love electric power tools. There light powerful and never give me any issues they just work. I'm not quite there with an electric mower yet. It's a big chunk of change. My current cub cadet is 13 years old and still starts mows and does what it's supposed to do. It was free and needed about $100 in maintenance so I can't knock it.

  • I would have bought a 12valve lawn mower!!! Lol🤣🤣🤣

  • yeah, mower, whatever.... but the TREE COMBINING IS COOL!!

  • Do you get cold with a bald head?

  • Man made hybrid no thanks

  • 0:04 lmao i love how it shows them asking to burry him, then a few seconds later it shows them hitting the dirt with a pickaxe and some epic music

  • Mfw no bend test on the tree

  • Its $$$$$4,000 🙊😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 good luck 😳😳😳

  • You shouldn’t dig round holes for your tree because they’ll often ring bound the roots and kill themselves. If you dig square holes the roots grow out and don’t ring bind. Just a tip.

  • I used to build those lawnmowers more than half of them wouldn’t power up or communicate with the computer.. there garbage just like the rest of junk they make

  • I honestly hate this electric douche trend... i'm all about saving the environment, but it barely makes a difference because emissions will be the same just from a different source Not to mention the hazardous process of mining cobalt for batteries by the slave children, all so can rich people in the west brag about "saving the environment" Honestly it just seems worse than fossil fuel in every way

    • I dislike the people associated with it, but I do like the new technology

  • Yeah electric tractors are cool until it starts snowing

  • I want to see this go at foot tall grass

  • Great video - the tree splicing sounds like a fun yard project. Just four more years, eh?

  • Where is he living? Seems like the country side. But yeah kinda makes sense for him I guess.

  • It’s grafting

  • 4 years? Selfish tree lol. Worth the wait I'm sure!!

  • remind me in 4 years

  • Way to go on starting your orchard. Thanks for promoting planting a home orchard. Much appreciated, especially with your channel reach. Thanks for introducing us to the electric version.

  • bruh all that extra space above the battery why couldn't they just put the ac-dc conversion inside and use a c14 inlet instead of some proprietary shit smh

  • the small human cute yes

  • Now try oukitel wp7

  • I can't believe that there's no horn on the machine. Let's say while you were on the ground finishing refilling the tree hole as you were and the guy was coming from the backside behind you and you decide to get up how are you supposed to know that he's coming up on you? They really should have put a horn on it to alert people around you that through there

  • Its like a mini farm in the middle of a HOA lol

  • Should have been, how ghey is a 100% electric lawn mower?

  • Came for the electric lawnmower, stayed for the trees

  • I wonder where will I be when the fruit tasting video comes out 🤔

  • Trees are expensive around here. Planted a Maple tree last year that was $1500. Fruit trees are neat just not sure they'd survive the winter.

  • see u in 4 years

  • The question is how safe is this? It is like 5 human beings in 1 super human.. human race should stop playing with nature and accept as it is

  • Its called grafting, combining different parts of plants. There are different kinds of it like budding etc. E.O Learned this in agriculture class, yeah its mandatory

  • I love your videos jerry

  • No service huh what about the blades or bearings or tires

  • 3:11

  • 3.11

  • At 3.11

  • The way he said compost Hhahahah lmfao

  • You can do it with different citrus fruits. That fruit salad tree is going to be awesome.

  • you should do a video when it bears fruit as well. much love

  • Electric mower , you know what that means.......... 3 am mowing grass time!

  • Waiting for unboxing for fruits in summer 2025!

  • The peartree will bear fruit in 10-12 years though...

  • I do not recommend this brand at all. Poorly built. Good for small backyard I guess. If you have a farm don’t buy.

  • 👍🏾😎

  • Sad what Obiden is doing to this country. Gas has went up so fast since he took office. He is destroying America so fast. Now we have electric riding mowers? This green stuff is going to far!

  • I've been enjoying my electric zero turn mower from Ryobi for 3 summers now! I also use Dewalt's battery weed eater and blower. I love the lack of maintenance and ease of use!

  • Hi first time watching your video here, and is your wife paralyzed??

  • The things I learn from this channel 🤯👏 You are truly a gift to the world sir🙃

  • Love it 😍

  • Kind of fun

  • I will never use an all electric riding mower.

  • can you overclock the mower to run faster? i need to know... for science.

  • Doing godly work and he is very proud

  • You shouldn't water your plants at noon. Always water your plants at morning or at evening. Thanks.

  • How fast does it go?

  • Tf is a lawn tractor

  • How Quite is T M I? tell me.

  • Dam

  • My great grandfather used to sneak cuttings from different areas in BC back to his orchard to splice onto his trees

  • My grandparents would 100% not understand this mower

  • Its a lawn mover not a lawn tractor

  • What happened to his wife 😕 She looked like younger tan mom..

  • That just takes the fun out of mowing

  • Trees planted too deep..need to expose root flare.

  • My only complaint about the mower is, how am I supposed to put a turbo on that?

  • see you after 4 years

  • By the time you get fruit, be ready to soon after spend a fortune on battery replacement once the warranty is up after 4 years. Also the eco nonsense is offset by dirty mining for batteries and then go put some more dirty batteries into the landfill once you have to replace them. And your electricity your using is mostly from natural gas, coal, and other fossil fuels or dangerous nuclear. Till battery tech gets better, be a man and burn gasoline.

  • Hello

  • wow your place looks like heaven. big yard, clear blue skies and green grass

  • And in about 3 years, you are going to hate having those trees. Cleaning up around them when they get bigger is a pain in the butt. Gave up cleaning mine after the first 3 years. Now I'm really considering cutting them down and never planting anymore.

  • i dislike this video because he called a riding mower a riding lawn tractor. He also doesnt know what the definition of silent is. His hat is stupidly placed on his head.

  • I live in an apartment with no lawn to cut but I want one.

  • do you think everyone can afford one? NOPE

  • Cool!!!! Your videos are so so so educational! Love your videos always! 4 years!!! Wow 😯 but really so cool! Love your videos, please make more.

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  • Going electric is literally pointless The power plants have to burn more FOSSIL FUELS to make your power