Galaxy S21 Ultra Teardown! - Its bigger than you think....

Objavljeno 28. jan. 2021
Its time to teardown the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. The fingerprint scanner is HUGE!! Grab your Teardown skin HERE: The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the latest and greatest from Samsung. And today we are going to see how the S21 Ultra works from the inside. Its not the normal periscope camera, and invincible battery adhesive. But there is one thing we haven't seen yet... and thats the MASSIVE fingerprint scanner. One perk of using an Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner vs an optical fingerprint scanner is that the surface area can more easily be expanded.

Watch the Periscope teardown HERE:
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Watch the S21 Durability Test HERE:

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  • @JerryRigEverything Could you actually do a deep dive analysis of the S21 Ultra's camera. Apparently, the S21 Ultra's 10x ZOOM is not the same as last year's S20 Ultra as this newer model uses a double-fold periscope (and it does look like that the sensor is oriented on a different way compared to the S20 Ultra)

  • Hey great to see the internal workings of the phone enjoyed the video Jerry. By the way did you say the S21 5G has not got the antenna to pick up 5G or did I just misinterpret?

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  • Hi , I have inserted the clip of the sim in the microphone is it damaged? Thank you !!

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