Galaxy S21 Ultra Durability Test - What About the Camera?!

Objavljeno 26. jan. 2021
Its time to Durability test the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Grab your teardown skin here: Samsung has once again released a top of the line Android smartphone that costs $1200 dollars. Is it durable? Can the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra survive a JerryRigEverything Durability Test? One thing Samsung is good at, is being consistent. So the odds are in their favor. We'll start by scratching the S21 Ultra, seeing what its made of, and finishing off with a bend test.

Watch the 6 year old New York Note 4 video HERE:

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  • Omg sakit panoorin

  • This is like the one case where last year's model isn't cheaper. This phone is 200$ cheaper than the s20 utra at launch.

  • This breaks my heart

  • Today I learned that I scratched the 2nd protector screen and not my actual screen. Heartbroken to relieved, thanks 👍

  • Screen protector for screen protector ... WOW !!!

  • 🤨😮😮😲😲😯😳

  • Lest go

  • Literally looking at this 5 months later, you just ruined my dream phone even if it's 5 months old bro.

  • This I genuinely painful to watch 😂

  • I bet iPhone users are enjoying seeing this Android getting destroyed

  • Me: showed this to my poor friend Him: died of pain

  • u la la la 😂😂

  • Note 4 camera was a beast

  • Can you give it me? Hahaha

  • 0:50 Jerry abusing half of the phones in existence just by a snap.

  • Dit is zonde!!

  • Total ripoff

  • omg my ears hurt when the blade runs through the phone

  • Scratches at a level 3, i was like wtf...

  • Can you please add more color to the Apple stickers please

  • My eyes have been blessed by the sight of this phone

  • Lord have mercy, look at this sociopathy

  • Please do a durability test for the asus zenfone 8 as well if you can

  • I hate when u scratch the side of the phones

  • Please give me one destroy phone.... Your big fan Jerry ,,,, my dreem one flagship phone

  • Hey Jerry, have you ever wondered what would happen if you plugged in two chargers at the same time in the 2 available USB-C ports in the MacBook Air? Would like to see such video!!!

  • 1:37 u had us the middle half

  • I had IPhone's and decided to switch to the Note 10+ when it was released & I love it but Samsung's Screens scratch super easy! I'm OCD & keep my phone's super clean & new looking but this is my 1st phone that does get Micro Scratches & regular scratches very easily. Good thing is, you can have the top glass layer replaced for $150 or have a completely Brand-new Display installed for $300. The one thing I love is, the long battery life, note taking, speed & display but its very hard to see outdoors in sunlight. I could careless about cameras on my phone's

  • Jerry, you are everything!

  • 3:07 OWWWWW

  • What's the all new Gorilla Glass Victus? It's 2 screen protectors on your phone screen. Mind = Blown 🤯

  • This hurts me

  • they improve their glass every year and yet it scratches at level 6 and 7.

  • Exynos vs Snapdragon video ☺️

  • Oof

  • No charger? Will not buy...

  • One of many reasons I watch this guy: he is willing with every part of his soul to bend the everliving shit out of expensive tech, which I simply do not have the heart to do because, hehe, IT'S EXPENSIVE, and he will scuff, scratch and peel, he'll burn, cut and sever at will, which is also something I do not have the heart to do to expensive tech like this. Think of this as a therapy for people like me who watch someone destroy expensive shit so they don't have to.

  • If possible, if you have an used and discarded Apple phone, please give it to me. Poor thing, we ask.

  • why does this trigger me so much lmao...sigh

  • 3:32 u need it really bad!

  • Who else feels offended seeing the s21 ultra being rubbed off with metals?😕😄

  • Test s21

  • ROFL on that NY scene :))) I agree on using as much as possible out of the phone. Functionalities and all. I swear, I would still use my second hand, 100$ S6 but I sometimes feel that they slow the network based on the mac address or something. Replaced the screen on the S4 to have as backup if this 6S broke, but it didn't. Upgraded to S21 Ultra 5G, should arrive tomorrow. No IR, no heart rate or SpO2 monitor. Only worth IF you upgrade, so yeah.

  • I upgraded to the ultra, sadly the 512gb was sold out and has been for a while. I went from a 10+ to the 21 ultra because the upgrade cost me 5 euro with a new contract. At the 700 price tag another company was asking I was like nah but I couldn't resist the 5 euro price tag.

  • I Have The Samsung A21 And I'm Watching This Video On The Samsung Samsung S21 Vs Samsung A21

  • Bhai ye mobile ka aisa jadd marta hai mano kolkata ke chor bazar se second khareda ho lol😆. Sirf hindi medium samjh sakte hai iss baat ko

  • Its stupid buy a expensive phone to do this 😒

  • Every time he scratches the phone I slowly die inside 😑

  • jerry u should wear gloves!

  • Someone who sold their organs for S21 ultra watching this be like: 🙃💀

  • Hi

  • Watching this on my s21 ultra, cringing at the scratching. I need a better case 😅

  • 3:32 volumes up with your headphones. So satisfying sound

  • i don't think crispy should be used for video/picture it feels wrong for some reason but you are right it is crispy 6:12

  • God bless

  • Jerry The destoyer of Smartphone

  • lol y r u traveling to new york during a pandemic, well maybe cuz it's not a pandemic considering influenza infects and kills more people even tho that never stopped a damn thing. its a politics to push fear over you. yes, it can kill people. but if that stops ya, don't ever leave the house again cuz influenza is mutating every year and killing more people. this is not a pandemic, just political control

  • I thought it was expandable memory

  • He almost got me with the video footage untill he says "u la la" that kind of sounds fake.

  • Samsung is not an option as long they keep spitting in their clients faces with that Exynos crap chips

    • The USA uses snapdragon

  • Watching this on a s21 ultra lol.

    • S21 gang

  • when you do a durability test on s21 ultra 5g my dream phone I'm screaming at my room saying "STOP IT!!!"

  • The scratch sound seemed like a horror movie 😭😭😭😭

  • Hi

  • My goosebump went to level 10 😂😄🤨

  • The camera bit at the end literally hit me jerry....

  • Oh that's cool u thought I broke my phone but there is a protector on it

  • One more sub thanks to the note 4 camera thing When you hear "tech" SLcdrs usually, phones become crappy as soon as the next generation comes out's quite refreshing to hear someone who's not in that consumerism approach

  • Love my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra!!

  • why did my heart jump when he removed the screen protector with the knife lol

  • its good

  • What would you do with these mobiles?

  • Appreciate it!

  • Can you do a durability test for the smaller version? Only cause it has a plastic back

  • Precision testing like this is definitely my cup of tea

  • annoying that you didnt compare any ultra footage to that awful note footage

  • F*ck the frosted glass scratch was horrible 😖

  • people are not using like you

  • Please give me you used set .... ,Jerry its a humble request i have my friend 1 for him and 1 for me ... ,😁😜

  • Who uses USB c to USB c, and no plug wtf Samsung 😥

  • Genius- this like an unboxing and a durability test and an advertisement for Samsung phone

  • What happens if you poke the top two holes with the SIM tool?

  • They stopped including the second screen protector, don't pick at your screen looking for it lol

  • You can buy those razor knives in anywhere what's so special about yours? More expensive!

  • Kind of disappointed in that gorilla glass victus that claims to be harder than sapphire on their website

  • And im here with my 5yro s7 edge

  • That phone can say the n word

  • Will there be a time when phone manufacturers use sapphire glass for the main screen? Well, at least for Samsung. By then, no one makes tempered glass protector for Samsung. Plastic screen protectors won't be necessary either.

  • Bakin mo yan sinira.. 😫😫😫

  • The s21 ultra is a whole gimmick.. don't buy the hype! The note 20 ultra is the better option if you are looking to go newer.. I promise! I regret exchanging my note 20 ultra for the s21 ultra. They saw me coming. Got me with all the rebates. Samsung essentially paid me to get the s21 ultra after it's all said and done. And let me tell ya, you get what you pay for. Could-a should-a, would-a kept the note and paid a little more. The note 20 ultra is a bit more expensive then the s21ultra but worth it. No noticable difference in camera quality in day to day use. And that's the "main focus on selling point"

  • I swear they send reviewers different units. Cuz the back of mine feels like straight plastic!, Sctmratched really easy. Note 20 ultra feels so much more premium. And if my note 10 plus was still working I'd still be with it

  • So the back is glass?, why it feels and sound like plastic? 🤔

  • Are you planning on releasing an S21 base durability test?

  • Facts about the camera though, I've got a "Samsung Galaxy S5", the Camera is fantastic

  • Iphone 12 pro max seems to be better

  • Lo hubieras regalado xd

  • My 300 dollar a50 has better durability than that thing, that’s why I am switching to iphone

  • I have snapped fingers many times but the d brand sticker is not being placed o my phone

  • Impressive! First time watching you and unfortunately on my new 21ultra, it is definitely not worth the 1100. I would had never bought it if I had seen your video before!

  • 2:43 ☹ antiasmr I get stress