An Electric HUMMER SUV?! - First look at the Tesla rescue vehicle

Objavljeno 5. apr. 2021
Hummer is back with a 100% Electric Hummer SUV. With 11,500 pound feet of torque, a 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds and +/- 300 miles of range, this thing is an environmentally friendly monster! More information here: Huge thanks to GMC for giving me an early look at the Hummer EV SUV - this video is not sponsored.

Another look Inside the Hummer EV SUV:
The Hummer EV Truck:
The Tesla Cyber Truck:

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  • Woooooow like it❤🇱🇰

  • Jerry you look like hitman 🙂

  • This is like a real life version of the fuel rats from Elite: Dangerous. Imagine one day in the future you run out of battery on a lonely road. You call for the fuel rats from your tesla panel -miraculously within 30mins one is there to give you enough juice to get to a recharge point.

  • at 7:30 see they actually got Zack in to do the crash test modeling... :)

  • 100 Ah * 24 per module * 20 modules = 48000 Ah so you could fully charge 2 Tesla model 3's. Nice

  • Just Break That Car Sir

  • Only one bald man I find attractive and handsome 😍

  • try scratching its paint to see scratches at level 6 and deeper grooves at level 7

  • super interesting to see pouch cells being used instead of cylindrical cells, I would love to see how the durability and reliability compares, in my experience pouch cells are way more temperamental. but I do get confused, as LiPo and LiIon cells can come in either variant, so its hard to tell what the chemistry is at fault for rather than the style

  • A little bit about Hummer History that many may not know, but is funny. when GM's Hummer was introduced there was a grand show of what they thought was mocho strength of over sized gas guzzling SUV's. GM executives had a Hummer run over several EV1, GM all electric car program GM was trying to kill forever.. NOW that same once failed disaster of an SUV Hummer is now being resurrected as an all Eclectic Vehicle. GM thought they kill the electric car now they are trying to save their ass with one. one thing I will have to say, GM's EV Hummer is done right and should be a great success and sell fast, unlike the cheaply made gas guzzler dealer's could not sell and they sat on lots for years..

  • A White dude is reviewing an greenwashed SUV - great Job

  • I'm still gonna stop at gas stations to flex my new Hummer Ev 😏

  • HITMAN reviewing the EV hummer but prepurchased a Cybertruck

  • It's ugly would prefer Cybertruck or Ford F-150 Lighting

  • $100 grand plus... sign up, sight unseen, no guarantees of anything...... Or for 80 grand, you could go buy a GMC Sierra Denali 2500 4x4.... Which, to put it in Jerry's terms, IS a tool, that you can use, to do serious work.... The Hummer EV is super cool, but it's really a 3rd vehicle, for someone willing to wait a couple years, and who has no concerns whatsoever about money....

  • 5 minute visit at a gas station > two hours at a charging station

    • also, could you imagine taking this off-road, and puncturing any portion of the battery pack? hummer go BOOM-BOOM lmao!

  • I just have a question hopefully it could be answered why does the Hummer SUV have outlet plugs you can plug into the back say to use a power tool you can plug it in but why doesn't the Hummer pickup truck have it I just kind of feel like that's just kind of stupid when it's supposed to be used as an off-road vehicle or accusing as a work vehicle say as construction running a power tool out the back of it I don't understand why they didn't do that and I think they should

  • That was very educational.

  • Why do you think it is Tesla rescue car.

  • Agreed. Love electric vehicles. However imagine 75% of the cars being electric. We definitely have work to do on our grid. 20 years from now there may be a power grid down where people are unable to charge their vehicles. The opposite of the fuel shortage out in the southeast. I think we should stick with hybrids for the next 15 years 🤙🏼

  • HeyJerry We want a video ondurability test of this car😅

  • I am sorry the original hummer will be the best. Anything after was a diasterous ugly truck lol. Cant save it, it just doesnt make sense lol. It had no aerodynamics , now it as even less because its convertible?

  • I wish Jerry didn't put politics in his videos cause I like his videos but the politics makes me not wana watch him

  • Hey Jerry , really like the details u share along wid humour... Kind of ur USP should I say.... well as u say it, A Big thumbs up for dat... Keep it up ...👍

  • Hello new subscribe from philppines

  • You like hummer? Hummer is ... eh.

  • 4:57 did you say wind through your hair

  • I love this car it produces ZERO CARBON EMISSIONS. I DESIRE THIS TRUCK

  • OK Nick Fury..... Forget Chevrolet

  • A lot better than Tesla truck

  • Hopefully they do all that testing on the Drive Motor. Not just the battery pack, remember the early tesla model S had a lot of drive motor issues.

  • Awaiting durability/break test on Hummer :)

  • We want teardown of this suv

  • Wait 5 seats is NOT a SUV 🚙 it’s just a big a** crossover

  • Still not worth the price!!!!

  • Why do I feel like they purposely made it look like the “electric” car from cars 2 😂😂

  • what a smart move with that title

  • Wee want the breakdown video

  • And the cybertruck will rescue this vehicle.

  • Congratulations for the new one

  • Just because it‘s electric it doesn’t mean it is environment friendly

  • Missed a massive joke with the convertible

  • The odds of a Tesla running out of batter power before this are very slim, If it only got more range for that price.

  • It’s sporty looking. But I thought Hummer was an obsolete brand?

  • Good video Sack. Nice to see GMC Hummer has innovated and aren't just re-releasing the same SUV and a truck with new colours. Having a SUV this size that can do 60 MPH in 3.5s with power on tap immediately? :) Hope there is a "sport sound exhaust mode" you can turn on when wanted. Also, I'm assuming the "standard EV SUV" should fit in most home garages Like the old H1? Or is it more the size of an H2...which I think can still be parked in most home garages?? Kind of important when charging. Wonder if it will have any park assist features. Having so many cameras...should have a front/reverse sensor...maybe even a self parking feature that will auto parallel and perpendicular park/ Features common in many SUV's, sedans and in the 2022 Porsche 911's (can step out of the 911, use the key fob and the car will park itself)...

  • the battery of my phone is 10 years running! oh yeah 10 lol

  • Same as the previous one, the story is the same. The size of the car is not justified except to compensate for the opposite

  • But the Cybertruck will be available first

  • My love for hummer is much...... I think I will get one some day when I make more money on. Bitcoin

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  • air conditioner, black box, usb charging, seat cooler. Because of these things, does battery run down quickly??

  • when i saw the vehichle n jerry.......No jerry no......

  • I wanna see a scratch test on the windshield

  • Sure wish they offered a diesel or LS engine.

  • is it safe if the battery leak? like Samsung Battery before? 🤓

  • I see they still have that horribly mis-designed "tablet" feeling for the monitors in the driving area... It's like interior designers just gave up and went "put it on a pole"

  • EV batteries can last 100s of thousands of miles? isnt that weird?

  • Who else want it's teardown??

  • Jerry cant rig everything¡

  • 7:31 pretty compressive

  • How much

  • Sooo is planned obsolescence canceled now if battery pack lasts hundreds of thousands of miles

  • You always manage to get my attention even if I don't care about the product or if I ever buy it.

  • You should have tested its Rockwell hardness.

  • Hey you didn’t go for a ride 😑😑

  • Tesla should learn how to design from GMC

  • This dude is so hot and his was the best detailed review of the new hummer. I can't wait to get mine. Canceling my cyber truck order

  • - Big Fan From❣️🥀 Bangladesh ❣ 🇧🇩

  • He looks like Sam Curran

  • The Hummer EV, Rivian R1T, and Cyber Truck which would you say is best? All factors considered.

    • @JerryRigEverything lol well said. The Rivian does look rather enticing. I'm waiting to see how things go when it's in customers' hands.

    • Super hard to say. Right now I'm leaning towards Rivian. But they are new and unproven. Cybertruck will probably be the best value for dollar. Hummer is for those with extra cash to throw around.

  • I need 1 unit in Pakistan🇵🇰 please guide me

  • I will get this. Im too broke for it now but I will thrive to afford something like this.

  • I wondered weather he rig it or not....😂

  • well he has hair on his eye brows... sooooo...

  • Shitty

  • This is better than hummer truck

  • Is it true that the pick up ev will be released by 2021 fall?

  • The only thing left missing in my life is an updated ratchet vehicle mode

  • So I can charge my smartphone and a Tesla at the same time? 😲

  • Please don't tear down or test for the scratchs on this vehicle

  • When will we see a teardown video 😂

  • 100000×24×20÷5000=9600 cell phone batteries of 5000mah

  • No driving

  • They made a Lion(hummer) into Vegetarian (electric)

  • Great time to invest in lithium lol

  • Highly unlikely that Tesla would hook up to it as it's a different charger. But literally every other electric vehicle uses a universal charger

  • 9:40 Fun fact, -40 degrees is the point that the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales cross over. -40 is the same temperature on both scales.

  • Tesla cyber truck be like...: I’m king of cars I’m electric Hummer bel like:.... I’m back I’m electric and noice

  • that torque numbers kind of sound unrealistic to me

  • I'd rather chop my right testicle than drive this obscenity

  • Hummer ev is a joke - not the vehicle itself, but GM offering as it as its first meaningful EV. Half assed attempt by gm to stay relevant. Even ICE hummer didn't sell well. If GM were serious about the imminent transition to electric, they would have worked on a more popular suv or truck. Ford is at least trying with f150 and mustang.

  • Wouldn't buy a gas one, will never buy an electric one. Hope they do well though.

  • Bhai iska bend test nahi karoge kya

  • At first I thought this was Bas Rutten doing a hummer review

  • ผมรอซื้อยู่ครับ

  • Ok, but I am still waiting for the teardown segment..

  • im a huge fan of hummel since i was 8 and now 23 years old and targetting to get those in 28 . may god bless all

  • I've seen so many lipo expanding.... BMS in this monster needs to be another monster too...

  • What's the Chinese version of this Hummer 🤔

  • Hummer users selling their oil fields that they used for their old cars to buy dams to produce electricity for their new cars🤣

  • So great that one of our favorite tech reviewers made this video - and allowed to walk through the GM plant to talk us through the tech. AWESOME.