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I review technology from the inside.
Electric cars are the future.
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If you want me to make a video tear-down on a product, feel free to send it. There is no guarantee of a video unless agreed upon via email beforehand.

Videos are for Entertainment Purposes only. Attempt any repairs at your own risk.
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11:14An ICE COLD Gaming Phone? - Durability Test!
8:29ROG Phone 5 Teardown! - Why did it break?!
ROG Phone 5 Teardown! - Why did it break?!Ogledi 1,1 mio.Pred 2 meseci
10:39A $2500 Teardown?! - its a party on the inside...


  • No PVC primer?????

  • Poor iPod 🥺

  • wouldn't this be nice outfit our soldiers Humvees and vehicles overseas. But what do I know

  • I LOVE your truck! Its literally my dream car/truck!

  • Hey! Careful when unboxing! You' re gonna scratch a display!!! :-)

  • Your setup looks good. One thing you will probably want to do is put in a "first catch" basin in front of your main tank(s) so that the pollen/dirt that is too fine for the screen to catch goes into there. The amount of crud that comes out of my catch barrel is shocking for 1200 square feet with no trees overhead.

  • That's hurting

  • Is this how Rain Water Harvesting works?

  • .

  • I want this NOW !

  • 3:10 I was thinking about the camera joke when he mentioned his hair. Took me a second.😂

  • Instead of destroying expensive devices, you should just give them to the homeless people.

  • I am very poor bro this video broke my heart can you else send me this producti am poor

  • 3:15 You know how much one litre of water weighs? 1kg. It's just a much better system all round y'all. Come join us in the future!

  • welcome back to another episode of drawing with jerryrigeverthing

  • Am I the only person who feels bad for the products he buys and then he breaks

    • I bought my iPad mini only because it was not going to break after my mom sits on it when it’s on the couch . The iPad Pro and are were just gonna die

  • very tight gap on the door. You can have problems in the future.

  • Best date idea ever

  • That’s bad exogy_

  • I’m only here for the *it scratches from grooves from level 8 and deeper grooves with level 9* anyone else?

  • no RIP this time for apple ipad pro

  • When Agent 47 retires

  • Yeah, but how fast does it go?

  • Wait did she give us the finger? 😆 Before the snap

  • Very nice :) Smart and elegant solution ^^

  • i just buy ipad pro 2020 and accidentally watch this, made me feel nervous

  • Why is mine so many but I have a Apple pro new iPad 12 I don’t know why it’s so many I mean like usually iPads are like you know like more smarter than that and my friend has the iPad mini but we try the size heard it was a bigger

  • 9:26... thank me later....

  • But you will not get the pleasure of watering plant.. that's relaxing

  • You dont open cooling part of this phone

  • 6:04 So the new iPad pro has healing factor.

  • We can use sprinkler instead of that tube🤩😃🥸🥱🤓

  • That iPad while bent looks like my current iPad

  • Why you dont Open and show us Cooper Cooling Part ???

  • Daumnnnnn!!!! Now that's DOPE!!!

  • i think his man is the father of elon musk

  • I m still using this phone and its good will upgrade to iPhone 13 in sha Allah

  • Why why to an original expensive iPhone dude no

  • I still don’t understand why people don’t like apple

  • I only like teardown Vidios , because you Open phones and you show and tell us Everything about them , thanx alot 🙏🙏🙏

  • i am agriculturist, i notice that in pandemic many more person are getting involved in agriculture

  • cute daughter

  • Might as well give it me

  • your wife is so beutiful

  • GL

  • Hello good day, im a fan and i was wondering if i could buy a used smartphone from you doesn't matter if it's full of scratches or dents from dyour durability test as long as it's in good working condition and most important is i can afford the price, thanks hoping you would notice me 😊

  • How much money do you have to buy all 'dis stuff??? $8127162827162???

  • my man Zack predicted the F150 Lightning

  • 8:50 much enjoyable 😆😆

  • Didn't you notice that the phone is made in India

  • Hi

  • Well im here in 2021 after watching ipad pro torture...

  • Who's here in 2021.🤣🤣🤣

  • This actually helped me fix the damn thing. It fell of the bed and stopped working, all I needed to do was put in the battery pins back in.. I just thought of that after not using the damn thing for 2+ some years. Thanks man. damn even the battery was at 64% still (wierd). Good stuff. Keep it up. I didn't manage to put the finger print pin back in though.. who uses that anyway?

  • "it may seem like a long time" well I thought solar panels took like 20 years to pay off here

  • Apple : Here we have Apple Pencil Zack : I have my knife

  • 😡

  • wow

  • Did you say 16 inches of rain? Holy crap we get on average 200 to 210 inches (if the conversion was right lol) here in Melbourne. I kinda feel blessed for our weather lol. Although in drought years it can be devastating.

  • Omg sakit panoorin

  • Not good

  • It looks the day Is not far when he will build a new house on his own

  • It is very hard to see my dream phone to be teardown 😓

  • A little advice from a long time gardener. I see you have spaced your corn well. When the stalks are about a foot tall, plant string beans around and between them. The string beans will climb about half way up the corn stalks by the time your harvesting corn,and you will have a bunch of string beans to eat and freeze for winter.

  • The is purple mattress product placement taken to a new level, a deep scratch level

  • Sudah bosan hancrin hp

  • Good job👍🏾

  • The thumbnail shocked me


  • Why are you breaking so much stuff that are expensive dude not cool

  • gravity lol lol lol thought you had brains

  • Plot twist- this guy is just so strong

  • Bro you are wasting the new mobiles daily but i am not having one proper mobile to study just i having one 1 gb mobiles do my needful please I am from India

  • It is hard to bend the iPad Pro

  • keyhole garden might be even more friendly because they are much cleaner and they self compost when loaded with kitchen waste and lawn clippings

  • why are you breaking it? if you give it to me ill keep for a 60 years

  • You need to make a trailer for that with solar panels to extend the life of the batteries

  • Artists:I draw with a pencil on paper Jerry:I draw on the back of iPads with a knife